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Team Work Inculcates Unity, Dedication, Devotion, Trust, Focus, Best Relationship To Achieve Success

Team is considered as a group of people working together for a common task or goal. The different members of team have different special skills, share responsibilities or authorities; give collective performance by self-management having mutual understanding and co-operation between each other. Team building makes a strong bond between teammates and they work together and it is much beneficial for new members as it help them a lot in adjusting a new environment with new people or co-workers. There are different stages in the formation of collaborative team building activities which are as follows:

  1.     Identification of members whose behavior is acceptable in group and thus forming the team.
  2.     Efforts made by the members in achieving the goal.
  3.     Members with their individual qualities and differences and loyalties work in co-ordination with each other.
  4.     All the team members perform all the workings smoothly supporting each other in the direction of achieving the goal.

After the role clarification, the member’s effectiveness is very much enhanced.    In today’s business scenario the concept of team building is becoming very common and important.  The team mates increases their productivity by the use of new approaches in achieving the goal. The effective teams are well- organised increases their motivation and thus it increases the productivity and leads to the achievement of goal. Synergy lies behind the team and the team members share their responsibilities and information’s for the team work.

Qualities of Effective Team Building

The various qualities of collaborative tem building activities are as follows:

  1. Ideal size of Team:

The team size should be small or minimum to achieve the goal. There should be correct mixing of talents, qualities, knowledges and skills of members to get the work done.

  1. Goal Clarity:

Everyone in the team must be clear about their role and goal and they must accept it and understand it.

  1. Communication open to all :

All members must participate in the communication freely sharing their ideas, viewpoints. The members should feel that their ideas are welcome by everyone in the team. Thus there should be open and honest discussion.

  1. Honest & Fair Decision- making:

All the team members must co-ordinate and co-operate with each other and there should be no differences between them and must agree to fair decision- making by consensus.  

  1. Creative:

The team members should be creative and must try to give best new approaches and ideas to solve organisational problems.

  1. Accountability & Responsibility:

Each and every member should be accountable and responsible to their duties for getting the work done on time.

Need of Collaborative Team Building:

  •        For boosting up motivation level and morale.
  •        Improving communication.
  •        For learning effective strategies from each other.
  •        Learning strengths and weaknesses of each other in team and how to increase their strengths and overcome weaknesses.
  •        Promotes teamwork, co- ordination and co-operation within team members.
  •        Increases the performance level.
  •        Fair decision making.

The team collaboration helps in building the trust, increases the performance and productivity and thus gives the right direction to achieve the goal.

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