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Gifts The Best Token Of Love, Care And Affection

The gift aid envelopesare the excellent tools of collecting donations and aids. There are different types of envelopes available in different colours such as stock envelopes, gift aid envelopes, loose envelopes; envelope sets etc. in white, pink, blue, yellow or green colour. The gift aid is the government’s scheme, helping churches and charities to reclaim taxes paid on donations. Only charities can claim gift aid from the government at the basic rate and the effective rate of reclaim is 25%.The gift aid envelopes can be given in various forms:

  •        Monetary Donations ( any amount)
  •        Expenses of Volunteers
  •        Auctions for Charity
  •        Sale of goods
  •        Events Donations

Originally, the concept of gift aid came from UK Government Scheme, which giver the right to charities to reclaim tax paid on donations.  Charities uses gift aid and it is used as a straightforward scheme.There are various formalities done in the gift aid declarations, whichmust be considered and agreed which appears on the gift aid envelopes and charities can compose their own declaration. The declaration includes the following details:

  • Name of Beneficiary

The declaration must have the name of Church or Charity, which will be benefitted, and if the name is not mentioned then it will not be valid to reclaim the gift aid. The untitled gift aid claim is considered as invalid. Either the name can be printed, stamped, typed or handwritten etc.

  • Donor Identification

The donor identification is essential and all the details regarding the donor’s name, house number and postal code.

  • Reclaim Consent:

The consent of donor is essential or his permission must be taken to pass the gift aid to the charity.

  • Detail of enough Tax requirements:

A declaration must explain that the donor had paid enough tax on all the donations to charities throughout the tax year.

  • Signatures:

In gift aid declaration the signatures are not needed but on standard envelopes system declaration the signatures are mentioned.

Characteristics of Gift Aid Declaration

  •        It must be appropriate and accurate. The inaccurate claims will not be paid.
  •        Once a year it must be paid. A charity should make one claim per year.
  •        It covers 4 year old donations and thus it allows the charities to go back 4 accounting periods together with current period.

The charity services are also available online easily. The Fund Filer makes the gift aid reclaim easy and it helps to keep the track of all the donors and the donations and reclaim can be done online in just few clicks. It is very quick and accurate and reclaim can be done every time. There are different types of gift aid envelopesavailable which are as follows:

Types of Gift Aid Envelopes

  • Untitled Gift Aid Envelopes

It is large and attractive.

  • Customised Gift Aid Envelopes

It is large attractive envelope printed with standard declaration and it is very simple and easy to read the text. It is printed with a cross sign as standard.

  • Bi-lingual Customised Gift Aid Envelopes

             It is also printed with cross as standard.

  • Premium Customised Gift Aid Envelopes

It includes simple, easy standard declaration.

  • Something Special Gift Aid Envelopes.

These envelopes are grouped by technical specifications.

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