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Weaning: It Is Not The End Of The Relation Between You And Your Child!!

Weaning process essentially involves stopping of feed to child through bottles or breastfeeding. I will be covering weaning from breastfeeding in this article. Some myths are involved regarding weaning process. Some people believe that weaning will mark an end to the intimate relation which a mother and baby hold. That is not at all true.  Rather it just marks an end to one milestone and prepares your child for complete nourishment from other mediums. This article covers when and how to wean your child.

Weaning can be a struggle some process depending on how the child is attached to you. You need to be very strong and patient while weaning process. Mrs. Kavita Dixit, a pediatric eye specialist in Thane advises to breastfeed your baby at least for a year and then depending on the circumstances and your child requirements you can start the weaning process. Some babies stop breastfeeding on their own while for some it is a nightmare.  If you are facing any problems, contact your pediatrician for advice and guidance.

When is the right time to wean?

As told by Mrs. Dixit, after your child is one year old, you can start the weaning process. But you can also continue breastfeeding your baby, irrespective of what people say. Breast feeding is not only essential for the baby in terms of nourishment but also helps in building his immunity. It also helps in achieving the physical milestones on time. Mrs. Pramila Motwani, an expert pediatric cardiologist in Thane said that a lot of patients come to her saying that their babies have become lazy and are facing certain health issues due to weaning. But it is all in the mind, only myths. Weaning has nothing to do with health issues.

There are mainly two types of weaning, one is when the child himself loses interest in the mother’s feed and gets attracted towards other tastier foods with the development of child’s taste buds. If a child becomes irritated or is less interested to sit for a long time for nursing, you must understand that child is giving signs that he is now ready for weaning. This means that the child is ready for supplements which contributes to their nourishment

 The Second type is which involves a mother herself to do efforts for weaning. You have to make up your mind as well as be very patient and strong during the course of action. A child’s frustrated behavior, crying and sobbing must not deviate you from your goal.

How to Wean?

Weaning should be gradually. Abruptly stopping the breastfeeding may lead to a frustrated child. And also, it will affect your health badly. The remaining milk in the breasts can result in formation of tumors and can prove fatal also. The course of action can be reducing the time duration, skipping a feed like if you are feeding thrice then go for twice and then once, distract him by singing a song or engaging the baby in some activity.

If you are still facing difficulties in weaning, contact your pediatrician for consultation or may be its not the right time for weaning and your baby wants to have your warmth for some more time. Don’t panic, things will settle slowly and gradually over time.

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