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Industrial Deafness Claim: How To Start The Claim Process

If you have developed industrial deafness, and your illness can be linked to past or present employment, then you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Industrial deafness is a hearing impairment, that mainly affects people who have worked in manufacturing and construction. However, anybody can suffer from it. It can be caused by a prolonged exposure to loud or repetitive noises, or a single incident, such as an explosion.

You have the legal right to financial compensation for your illness, if your industrial deafness has been caused by somebody else. However, there are limitations to be aware of. In the case of industrial deafness, the standard three-year limitation period that applies to personal injury claims under the Limitation Act 1980 can be extended, so that you can make a claim against a historic employer. However, there may still be a limitation period that applies to you, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. In addition to this – and while this is highly unlikely – you cannot be 100 per cent liable for your illness. If you are 100 per cent liable, then the other side will be under no obligation to pay you.

The Claims Process

The claims process will be managed from start to finish by your solicitor. Your own involvement in the process will be minimised, so that you may carry on with your life, while your solicitor works behind the scenes. Due to the level of investigation needed, industrial deafness claims can take several months to process, however some can take as little as 8-12 weeks, depending on their circumstances. To get a better timeframe for claim completion, speak with your solicitor, and ask them how long your claim will take to reach a conclusion.

How to Get Started

First and foremost, you should seek legal advice, with a law firm and lawyer that specialises in industrial deafness, tinnitus and hearing impairment. This will ensure that you get the very best legal advice. With relevant legal advice, you will be able to better understand your rights, and make a more informed decision regarding whether to claim or not.

Secondly, it is important to get a better understanding of the amount of compensation you might be entitled to. You can get an estimated payout for your industrial deafness, by speaking with a lawyer, or by speaking with a claims advisor. Claims advisors can be found at the other end of a claims helpline. Claims helplines are operated by law firms, and they are usually free to call without any obligation. They offer a quick and easy way for you to get your claims-related questions answered, as well as an estimated payout figure.

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